Typical gift anniversary : make each anniversary special


Your partner is your 365 days half, without him/ her you can’t face your daily issues, the one that gives  you strength and has faith in you to fulfill your goals and explore new challenges and experiences. 

In fact  , offering your soulmate a gift at your anniversary  has long been a cherished tradition  to show affection and appreciation .

However ,  typical  anniversary gifts are  affected by the evolution of the technologies  and societal changes, therefore it is no longer  an easy mission to find the choosing gift especially when we are a front of a typical gift that changes over the 5.10.15 and 25 years.

5 years: strength and technology : 


 Congratulations! five years blend of challenges conquered and memories created,  are  passed and you are together or as it is known the wooden years in reference to the durability and to feel  how much your relationship is strong and powerful.

 For this special occasion you need a special  elegant  innovative gift to impress your lover.

What about offering a real preserved flower wireless bluetooth speaker with a base made of wood?

 A beautiful real  flower that will be preserved  in  a crystal ball for years and years, especially when it is a red rose  and a wireless bluetooth speaker so that you can listen to your preferred song together.

10 years: a decade of affection and love  : 


Your 10th anniversary is a special occasion that needs to be celebrated in a memorable and special way . 

Take a step back and see how gorgeous  are the movements that you made together ,all the hardship that you have faced and the beautiful family that you have built .

Think about an amazing  idea to revive the day of your marriage. 

A photobooth session with the presence of your children will be the perfect gift and symbolic gesture that marks a decade of partnership and love .

Don’t forget also , to send cards for your loved ones to invite them to share with you the unforgettable  moments.


15 years: let’s celebrate your crystal anniversary : 


Marriage is not just an agreement signed between two people to share their lives together , it is a union of two souls that agree to be one in every detail , to learn new lessons , to grow next to each other and to be better versions of themselves.

We refer to Crystal to describe the 15th anniversary because a Crystal is the perfect material that  exists on earth  to describe the pureness of a soul , the shiness and the clarity that bound a couple's relationship and the sparkle of a beautiful partnership  which guides them for thousands of years together .

For your 15th anniversary gift you don’t have to think too much .It is clear that a personalized  gift made of Crystal will be the chosen one.

Think about one of your memorable marriage   pictures engraved in a beautiful big heart made of  Crystal or a cute family photo engraved in a Crystal diamond to make your partner always remember that your family is your most valuable diamond .


Furthermore, if you want to be more creative in the choice of the picture that will be engraved in your crystal you can choose the one that refers to your soulmate best singer or best football player and exchange your gifts together .


25 years: the silver sparkle : 


A quarter of a century has passed just like seconds. Today you have reached 25 years of marriage full of feelings, achievements, ups and downs , commitment and triumphs.

Only silver by its shine and strength can describe your 25th anniversary to realize that your marriage has reached unique brilliance and durable elegance.

The celebration of that occasion should be an  unforgettable event to feel proud of yourselves and share your love story with your loved ones .

Surprising your partner with a gift made of silver will be very special like a silver jewelry or a silver accessory to add it to your home decoration .

You can also be oriented to modern gift ideas to taste new experiences together like hot air balloon ride and travel to a new destination that the couple has always dreamed about visiting .



Celebrating your marriage anniversary at any time must be special and reflects your interests and personalities .

Always remember that choosing the perfect gift will be a wonderful way to revive your feelings and to express honor to each other.

If you don’t know how to get your perfect  gift, our AB Crystal Collection store, the leader of celebration in Canada for all your special moments, is here to help you and to provide for you a large choice of modern unique personalized gifts .

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