The Ultimate Guide to Our Best Christmas Gift Ideas in 2022


Make Christmas 2022 a unique one with our stunning 3D premium crystal range

If you’re struggling to come up with some great Christmas gift ideas, we’re here to help! AB Crystal Collection’s fun, quirky and unique crystal designs celebrate everything that people love from art to travel, music to sport and pets to politics!

We are so proud of the local craftspeople working in our Canadian base and today we’d like to highlight some of their best designs. So take a break from the crowds and allow us to do the Christmas shopping for you. Let’s check out our 2022 guide to the most fun, unusual and personalized designs here at AB Crystal Collection.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas

So, we asked our design team to engrave the world’s greatest art onto premium crystal. The results are in and the art critic in your life is sure to love them! From Mona Lisa’s smile to the Pearl Earring on the Girl, and from the Kiss to a Starry Night: our on-site engravers have re-created beautiful artwork that lights up any room!


Christmas is one of those times when the family chef really likes to shine. If that sounds like someone you know, might it be time to reward their culinary superiority? Our ‘Kitchen’ range celebrates the kings and queens of the  of the home as well as barbeque bosses and baking badasses!

If you’ve got family and friends obsessed with the pitch, court and bat, they will love our ‘Sports’ collection. We’ve had our design team go to town on every one we can think of! From baseball, basketball and American football to badminton and handball, think of AB Crystal Collection for your athletically inclined loved ones.

Here at AB Crystal Collection, we’ve been very proud to make our ‘Black Lives Matter’ range. We hope that it honors those involved in activism as they fight for community and equality. In particular, we recognise and applaud the role women have played in the movement and celebrate this with our Against Racism crystal designs.

We highlight love all over the world, and between all people, with our next design from this range. Two hands have joined together in a heart shape, highlighting the ‘Black Lives Matter’ message. It is as relevant throughout the year as it is during the festive season.

For households with opposing political animals however, our cheeky Democratic and Republican crystal is sure to raise a laugh and some debate throughout the year! The designs started out as 19th century cartoons and are now made to live together within our witty 3D premium crystal design
Once all disputes calm down, certain family members or friends may want to celebrate victory or call a truce and chill with our peace sign! They may even declare that everything is okay with some of these fun designs available through our website.
If there’s a rock and roller in your life or even a bongo drummer, our ‘Music’ collection is a perfect gift idea for Christmas. We started by asking our designers to engrave all the instruments they could think of, and then we added some more. Now we’ve got everything from cellos to bagpipes and even the wacky kazoo!


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