Qualities of preserved flower Bluetooth speaker


Though a rose flower can demonstrate beauty on its own, eternal flowers in a glass capsule can offer a better look. Preserved flower bluetooth speaker is a beautiful and elegant creation. It has the capability to bring you light and music concurrently. Once you activate the speaker, the lights surrounding the eternal flowers will light up your night and help spread romance in the air.

Eternal flowers

Eternal flowers are otherwise known as preserved flowers, everlasting flowers or forever flowers. They originated in the 70’s and ’80s in Europe. They are a type of fresh cut flowers such as lily, rose, baby’s breath, carnation, hydrangea, phalaenopsis and various other varieties that are processed via a series of procedures like dehydration, dyeing, decolorisation and drying. Superior preservation technology is what makes the preserved flowers never fade. They can be stored for 3 years and their appearance is similar to that of regular flowers. Their shape, colour and texture will help maintain the flower characteristics. But, since the preserved flower undergoes the process of decolorisation and colouring again, it can be coloured with special colours.

Preserved flower Bluetooth speaker

Since these flowers have no life, they do not require light and water for photosynthesis. In contrast, they are prone to discoloration and moisture when exposed to UV rays. Thus, you should ensure that the preserved flower bluetooth speaker is not exposed to sunlight and water. Make sure you keep the speaker in a ventilated, cool and dry place!

User guide

You need to press the button for at least 3 seconds for the preserved flower bluetooth speaker to switch on. Search for the device on your smartphone to connect and start listening to your favourite music.


Preserved flowers have rich colours, have a longer shelf life and are versatile. These traits make them ideal products for holiday gifts, floral design and home decoration. Preserved flower bluetooth speaker can be customised to your liking!

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