Wooden Round LED Base Light - Display Your Engraved Crystal - 3.9 x 0.79 inches

Introducing the Wooden Round LED Base Light, the perfect accessory to showcase your cherished engraved crystal pieces with elegance and style.

Designed with precision and crafted meticulously, this unique wooden LED base light is the ideal solution to illuminate any of our 3D etched crystals, adding an enchanting glow to your display.

With a size of 3.9 x 0.79 inches and a round shape, this LED base light is the perfect fit for your crystal collection. Its compact form makes it versatile and easy to place on any surface, bringing focus and attention to your engraved pieces.

  • Elevate Your Display: With the wooden round LED base light, your engraved crystals will come to life, capturing attention and admiration from everyone who sees them.
  • Effortless Illumination: Simply plug in the LED base light and watch as it illuminates your crystal, creating a mesmerizing effect that enhances its beauty and craftsmanship.
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