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Our Best Wedding and Anniversary Gifts

Couples rule with AB Crystal Collection’s best wedding and anniversary gift ideas!

 Stuck for wedding or anniversary gift ideas? Let AB Crystal Collection help. Our wedding and anniversary themed crystal gifts are fun, romantic and always unique!

At AB Crystal Collection, we think we’re the perfect people to talk about wedding and anniversary gifts―after all, our story began on a honeymoon! It’s true! One of our company founders first saw an engraved crystal piece while honeymooning in Thailand. He was inspired and this led to our company being established back home in Canada. Now we proudly work with local craftspeople on a premium crystal glass range. Love is what drives us, and it’s in everything we do. So, if you’re looking for special and truly personalized wedding or anniversary gifts, read on for plenty of couple-centric inspiration!

Best Gifts for Weddings

Our personalized photo engravings must be some of the best wedding gift ideas out there! Once you upload your treasured picture to our site, there are a variety of shapes that we can engrave it on! However, we particularly enjoy our heart and diamond shapes for a wedding gift.
Once you’ve uploaded your image online, let us know if you’d like to include a message of up to 200 characters. Our designers then convert the photo to 3D, our engravers transfer it on to crystal and then we ship it within 24 hours!
If your perfect pair are having a vintage-themed wedding, our vintage heart lock and key design will compliment and enhance their day. The high quality engravings produced by our team tell a wonderful story about the happy couple: they are the keys to each other’s heart.
Our hand in hand’ design is a perfect way to recognize a couple’s union. Our 3D image of joined hands on premium crystal totally captures the commitment made during a wedding ceremony. Plus, it’s simply one of our favorite wedding gift ideas!
There are wedding rings, and then there are AB Crystal Collection’s bonded wedding rings! As you’ll see from our beautifully engraved design, these rings have transformed to become a part of each other, just like a couple on their wedding day. What a great wedding gift idea.
Looking for something a bit different? For a couple that’s truly out of this world, our engraving of the planet Venus, named after the Goddess of Love, should do the trick. This stunning portrayal is part of our amazing ‘Astronomy’ collection, which all star-crossed lovers will absolutely adore!
If you’d prefer to see more of the Goddess, our next wedding gift idea is courtesy of Botticelli and our fantastic engraving team. Enjoy the famous ‘Birth of Venus’ painting, revamped by us into a 3D premium crystal piece of artwork. Another wonderful way to celebrate a wedding day!

Best Gifts for Anniversaries

At AB Crystal Collection, we’ve got lots of ways to celebrate anniversaries! Read on for our tips on how to pick the best anniversary gift.

How about saying it with flowers? A bunch of fresh roses is considered one of the ultimate romantic symbols, but how about a bloom that lasts forever? Our real flower crystal balls feature carefully selected individual flowers, gently preserved in resin. Simply choose your loved one’s favorite and we’ll do the rest!

We’ve also got a huge range of amazing 3D flowers in our ‘Botanical’ range. If roses are red and violets are blue, we’ve got daffodils, daisies and snowdrops too!
Perhaps you’d like to recreate memories of a wonderful honeymoon. Did you both stroll the sandy beaches of Hawaii, or gaze in awe-struck wonder at the majestic Pitons in St Lucia? Whether at home or abroad, our ‘Map’ collection, which features countries and states, will help bring the good times back.
Holidays over the years deserve attention too. If you’ve been lucky enough to wander through
places like London, Paris or Rome together, how about a premium crystal that stirs up happy
memories? Our stunning engravings from our ‘Landmarks’ range won’t just decorate your home, they’re certified smile inducers too!
Did anyone say cheers? Clink your glasses together and celebrate an important anniversary with wine and AB Crystal Collection! Our glasses are bursting with love, just like this cute teddy bear.
For couples who have taken the pet plunge together, you’ll love our super-cute pug crystal design. Gorgeously impossible to resist, his fun message will melt both your hearts.
All gifts from AB Crystal Collection will arrive elegantly packaged, with an LED base that lights up when plugged in. Want to add a thoughtful card? Yes, we do those too! Why not add this one to your gift?
Whether you’re celebrating a wedding or anniversary, we offer you our warmest congratulations. It’s been so much fun showing you some of our best wedding and anniversary gift ideas and we hope we’ve inspired you on your search. You’ll find that our website is always updating with new products so keep checking us out for your next gift adventure!
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